Joint procurement

At the end of 2021, Hansel had 77 framework agreements, 45 dynamic purchasing systems and 10 small-scale procurement services (at the end of 2020, 83 framework agreements, 21 dynamic purchasing systems and 4 small-scale procurement services). There were 872 contractual suppliers at the end of the year (642 in the previous year).

The distribution services of Microsoft access rights were Hansel’s largest joint procurement entity in 2021: the procurements totalled €109 million (€57 million in 2020). IT consulting was the second largest, with €85 million (€101 million in 2020), and food and non-food products the third largest, with €80 million (€68 million in 2020).

Measured in euros, the largest government customers were the Government ICT Centre Valtori, the Finnish Defence Forces, and Senate Group. Of municipal customers, the cities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Vantaa were the largest, and of higher education institutions, Aalto University, Tampere Universities, and the University of Helsinki.

Government electricity procurement is handled centrally through Hansel’s framework agreement and involves derivatives that hedge against changes in electricity prices, in accordance with the government’s electricity hedging strategy. Hansel is responsible for the management of this portfolio and is the counterparty to the derivative agreements on behalf of its customers. For Hansel, electricity derivatives trading is a pass-through item, and all the related expenses and income are charged for in full from Hansel’s portfolio customers (see Note 5.2).

Tendering services

The total value of tendering services sales in 2021 was €2.2 million (€2.0 million in 2020). There were 182 chargeable tendering projects in 2021 (183 in 2020), with a total value of approximately €930 million. Tendering services were provided especially in IT projects, device purchases, and different service procurements. In 2021, the goals of impact were set with customers in 58 tendering projects, and the final assessment of impact was performed in 52 projects.

Procurement development services

The value of procurement development services was €402,000 (€417,000 in 2020). Most of the development assignments involved control and organisation of procurement, analyses of key indicators and current status, planning, contractual management, development of supplier cooperation and responsibility. The unit was also actively involved in the operations of the Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement (KEINO). In 2021, related income amounting to €304,000 was recorded in Hansel’s other business profit (€162,000 in 2020).