Second year of remote work

The year 2021 began by working remotely again. We kept working and getting results, but at the beginning of the spring especially, personnel started showing signs of needing to meet in person. We did not dare to host a summer party for the whole personnel, but teams met each other outdoors, paying attention to health and safety. The teams posted pictures and captions of these encounters on Teams, encouraging others to get together.

Teams was also used to share tips for remote work ergonomics and taking a break. Within the company, a wide discussion of values also brought Hansel employees together to think about our desired corporate culture. More frequently organised peer meetings supported supervisors in how to manage remote work. They were also trained on topics such as the management of hybrid work and future management trends. The Executive Committee also assembled for their workplace communications training, which focused especially on the management of hybrid work.

New operations models for hybrid work

In the autumn, the pandemic seemed to be easing off, and the company started thinking of a new way of working at Hansel that would allow flexible and location-free work but also encourage people to meet others in person at the office. The operations model was built with HR, the communications team, supervisors, and the shop steward.

The personnel clearly stated that they wished to continue working partly remotely, so the company decided that employees could attend meetings both physically and through Teams in most cases. However, employees were encouraged to come to the office to maintain a sense of community and allow extempore encounters. Hansel’s internal development workshops should also be attended in person. Stakeholders decide on the form of meetings related to cooperation with them.

Meeting practices were also specified to make work more effective and allow breaks between Teams meetings.

New experts and learning new things – in person and remotely

Twelve new employees started at Hansel in 2021. They received training in the company’s operation and the secrets of public procurement legislation and business processes.

Hansel has an encouraging approach to developing the skills of its personnel. In addition to deepening the knowledge of individual experts, the entire personnel were trained in how to use work tools more efficiently, write well, and use Swedish. There were also information blasts on sustainability and ethics, and we launched an informative series, Tutustu tarjontaamme (Learn about our supply), which provided information on a specific area of responsibility for other Hansel employees.

In the service design training, organised with HAUS development centre, the procurement development unit created a portfolio that described their service supply. Media training, which was long-awaited by the category managers, was also organised in the autumn of 2021: two groups trained at the office, and two with remote connections. Both forms of training were very successful.