Our stakeholders were interested in the webinars

In 2021, we were looking forward to the comeback of live events and face-to-face encounters with our stakeholders. However, the pandemic persisted, and we continued on the virtual event path. Luckily, they reached our stakeholders very well.

Extensive customer webinars

We started 2021 off with an ICT day in which we discussed topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, procurement competence, and legislation. The webinar attracted more than 500 customers interested in ICT procurement.

Later in the spring, our webinars handled the tendering of expert services and development of procurement. In the autumn webinars, we discussed dynamic purchasing systems, focused more on the development of procurement, learned about the sustainability and impact of procurement, and considered the ethical perspectives of public procurement.

During the year, nearly a thousand of our customers from 300 different customer organisations attended our webinars.

Information events for suppliers

Hansel’s suppliers were also invited to participate in virtual information sharing. The national procurement strategy was the event’s topic. The topic attracted more than 200 suppliers. November’s information event for suppliers marked the beginning of a series of webinars that will be organised four times a year. Our experts will share useful information on sales reporting, development of sustainability, small-scale acquisitions, and marketing of joint procurement in the webinars.

Virtual events are here to stay

We received a lot of positive feedback about the webinars, and many wished us to continue organising them alongside live events after in-person encounters are possible again. We are glad to respond to this wish. Hansel serves all Finland’s public administration, and with the aid of the virtual events, we can reach our stakeholders around Finland. In addition to webinars, we will continue organising information events for customers, mini-competition clinics, and other information sharing on various joint procurements.


Hansel webinars 2021

  • 28 January 2021 ICT day
  • 15 April 2021 Tendering expert services – keys to success
  • 17 June 2021 From sections to the bigger picture – strategic development and management of procurement
  • 14 October 2021 Information for suppliers: national procurement strategy
  • 04 November 2021 Dynamic purchasing system (DPS)
  • 18 November 2021 Managing with knowledge
  • 25 November 2021 Corporate responsibility and impact
  • 9 December 2021 Compliance – views on ethical and conformant operation