The implementation of the integration strategy has progressed well

For over two years, we have been the purchasing entity for all of public administration, and we are combining the Finnish public procurement power in accordance with the vision of the integration strategy. Our aim is to offer an excellent service experience for our customers – we are focusing on the digital customer and supplier experience. We have an extensive range of services, and sustainability is at the core of our business. We also set an example through our actions, we have high ethical standards, and we are conformant with requirements. We want to be the most valued public procurement expert and an attractive employer.

“We have an extensive range of services, and sustainability is at the core of our business.”

In the first two years, we concluded a significant number of framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems for the whole clientele. Now the numbers are starting to speak for themselves, and the use of agreements is growing, particularly among the new clientele. In 2021, the use of agreements exceeded the billion-euro limit for the first time, reaching 1,052 million euros (previous year, €916 million). In 2021, the use of joint procurement contracts looked like this:


Use of agreements in 2021: governmental organisations 67.6%, municipal organisations 20.4%, higher education institutions 9.2%, other organisations 1.4%, unallocated to customers 0.9% and parishes 0.5%.


One of the indicators that we monitor is how many have joined the framework arrangements. We have been monitoring it accurately since 1 September 2019. At that time, the legal practices changed so that advance access became mandatory for framework arrangements. Those who have acceded since already total 3.5 billion euros. However, these figures are spread over several years. The longest term of validity for framework arrangements is until 2029. In relation to dynamic purchasing systems, advance access is not mandatory, meaning that parties can accede at any point during the system’s validity.