Procurement Pilot hits targets

At the end of 2021, Hansel launched the Procurement Pilot tool – a free-of-charge tool that supports the strategic management of procurement and the realisation of the implementation of the strategy. With the Procurement Pilot, you can define, schedule, and monitor the targets set for an organisation’s procurement unit.

The targets can focus on the strategic management of procurement, management with knowledge, or procurement competence, for example. You can also set procurement-specific targets such as the preservation of biodiversity, the use of innovations to solve challenges, or improving the functionality of markets.

The tool is built to support organisations in achieving their targets as part of the operational programme of Procurement Finland. As basic information, the Procurement Pilot contains the targets set in the national strategy for public procurement that promote the effectiveness of procurement. You can choose the targets that are meaningful for your organisation, and you can bring your organisation’s own targets to the tool.

Developed together, used together

The Procurement Pilot was piloted in 2021 with Hansel’s customers, who had an acute need to think of their organisation’s goals. We arranged workshops with the customer organisations in which the Hansel development manager set targets with the persons responsible for the organisation’s procurement and those working in purchasing. This work provided important feedback on the tool, and the Procurement Pilot was developed further on its basis during the autumn.

“The Procurement Pilot is not only a management tool. It can also be used by all those involved in making purchases.”

The Procurement Pilot is not only a management tool. It can also be used by all those involved in making purchases. With the inclusive and strategic tool, the targets that were thought up, chosen and scheduled by the management and those responsible for procurement are easier to comprehend and introduce in practice as procurement-specific tasks. Their achievement is assessed and monitored throughout the procurement’s life cycle.

When the persons responsible for procurement participate in setting the targets and in thinking of actions with which the chosen targets can be promoted in procurement, it becomes easier to acknowledge and thus achieve them in procurement.

Manage procurement with a single tool

With the Procurement Pilot, you can use the same tool to conceptualise, set, and schedule targets. These are also performed at many levels, in the whole procurement unit and individual procurements. There are also procurement-specific tasks to hit the targets, their achievement is monitored, and an overall picture is formed.

The Procurement Pilot has been developed with the tool’s technical supplier for approximately two years, and it is still being developed to support the procurement unit even better in defining and achieving the targets for procurement.