Corporate responsibility management

Responsibility is evident in every Hansel employee’s work, but it is the special responsibility of our corporate responsibility team, which currently has eight members from different parts of the organisation. The responsibility group is chaired by the director of finance, who also answers for it in the Executive Committee. The task of the corporate responsibility group is to improve the processes related to responsibility, monitor the legislation related to responsibility, offer training and share information about responsibility. In November 2021, the responsibility group had a development day, which focused on responsibility audits and emissions calculation.

Responsibility is handled regularly in Hansel’s Board of Directors. At the end of the year, the Board made a summary of their responsibility competence which was delivered to the Ministry of Finance.

Visible responsibility goals

Hansel has developed a tool for assessing the responsibility of the company’s joint procurement, a responsibility analysis, which has been in use since the end of 2019. It is done in all joint procurements. Based on the analysis, two members of the responsibility group will assess whether to grant any responsibility labels for the joint procurement. In 2021, the responsibility analysis was performed in 50 joint procurements (23 joint procurements in 2020). The customer is informed of the joint procurement’s responsibility and granted labels through the responsibility tab on the online service, and they can use the information in their own responsibility reporting, for example.

The aim of the responsibility analysis process is to assist the category manager and the entire tendering team in considering areas of responsibility extensively in connection with the tendering. The analysis assesses the responsibility of the joint procurement in relation to the predefined responsibility goals. The analysis should take a stand on the responsibility goals and assess whether the matter concerns the procurement in question, and what the procurement’s harmful effect or identified risk is. The team must consider how to create a positive impact and what is the action required by Hansel to reduce a negative impact and achieve the positive target. The representatives of the responsibility group support this work.

Joint procurement acknowledges responsibility

In 2021, the responsibility analysis process was developed so that the XRM system would have a note on each joint procurement about which responsibility goals handled in the responsibility analysis it fulfilled. In relation to the environmental label, these goals include a reduction of greenhouse gases, energy efficiency, a reduction of the use of harmful substances, and the circular economy.

For social sustainability, the goals include adherence to work and human rights, employment through procurement, acknowledgement of equality or accessibility, and introducing the Code of Conduct requirement as part of an agreement.

Financial sustainability goals include ensuring sufficient financial performance, cost-effectiveness, or the promotion of security of supply.

The strict monitoring of the responsibility goals enables better reporting.

Responsibility labels for joint procurement

2021 2020
EUR M % pcs % EUR M % pcs %
Reported joint procurement in total 1,051.5 228 916.0 228
Financial responsibility label granted 1,051.5 100 228 100 911.2 99 227 100
Ecolabel granted 621.6 59 180 79 600.5 66 135 59
Social responsibility label granted 191.2 18 55 24 127.0 14 10 4
Innovativeness label granted 0.0 0 0 0 0.0 0 1 0

Responsibility labels by category

Category Joint procurement 2020, EUR M Ecolabel, EUR M Social responsibility label, EUR M Financial responsibility label, EUR M Ecolabel, % Social responsibility label, % Financial responsibility label, %
Vehicle and logistics services 97.5 81.1 6.4 97.5 83 7 100
Specialist services 127.6 17.5 0 127.6 14 0 100
Food and restaurant services 86.3 86.3 77.6 86.3 100 90 100
Energy 107.1 73.8 3.5 107.1 69 3 100
Personnel and healthcare services 90.7 8.6 8.6 90.7 9 9 100
IT hardware 90.9 73.3 56.0 90.9 81 62 100
Furniture and office services 84.0 83.4 26.3 84.0 99 31 100
Data centre services and hardware 45.4 44.1 0 45.4 97 0 100
Travel and meeting services 20.5 20.3 10.9 20.5 99 53 100
Software 115.1 2.2 0 115.1 2 0 100
Cleaning services and supplies 52.1 52.1 0 52.1 100 0 100
Financial services 66.4 54.9 0 66.4 83 0 100
Data communications 34.8 4.0 2.0 34.8 11 6 100
Security technology and security services 33.1 20.0 0 33.1 60 0 100
Total 1,051.5 621.6 191.2 1,051.5 59 18 100


Corporate responsibility reports at Hansel

The results of our corporate responsibility efforts are presented in the Corporate Responsibility Report, which is published annually in Finnish, Swedish, and English, integrated into the Annual Report. With regard to corporate responsibility, the Annual Report presents key information for 2021 and provides information about interesting events and achievements related to corporate responsibility. The corporate responsibility report relating to events in 2020 was published on 24/04/2021. Reports are prepared in accordance with the principles set forth in the GRI Standards. We report in accordance with the Core option. The standards complied with are from 2016.

The report includes a table presenting the content of the report sorted by materiality themes, the GRI Standards used, as well as instructions on where the information can be found in the report. If a piece of information is not available, it is mentioned in the table alongside an explanation for the omission. Some pieces of information are included in the financial statements.

The report has been put together by Hansel’s communications department together with advertising agency SST. The entire Corporate Responsibility Team participates in the preparation of the report, and it is approved by the Executive Committee. The Responsibility Report is also submitted to the Board of Directors for information.

Lasse Lecklin and Hansel communications. All photos in the Annual Report feature Hansel’s experts.

For further information:
Johanna Kaalikoski
Communications Manager
Tel. +358 29 444 4289

Hansel’s corporate responsibility report is available at (in Swedish and in English This report is being published exclusively online for the ninth time. The report was verified by KPMG Oy Ab, Authorised Public Accountants.