Discussion of values excited personnel

Personnel perspective is one of the five main themes of our integration strategy in which we wish to be the most valued public procurement expert and an attractive employer. We ensure competence with continuous training and high-quality operations in the world of public procurement. We want to create a strong value base for Hansel, as well as an open and inclusive culture that promotes cooperation between people and units.

At the start of 2021, we discussed corporate culture and values with the Barret method regarding the current state of corporate culture and the desired target, as well as the personal values of our employees. The survey attracted great interest, and we received 112 responses, which is more than 90% of our employees.

The supervisors held a workshop on the results and thought about ways to achieve the target. Corporate culture is not achieved by the management’s decision, but with numerous acts realised in everyday life. In the spring, we continued the process with a survey on values and culture, and all employees participated in workshops. This was done quite successfully over Teams due to the coronavirus pandemic. Discussion was active and fruitful. There were a lot of ideas, as well as a good analysis of ourselves.

In the summer, we established a workgroup for developing internal communications, had open discussions in different units, and formed a values workgroup consisting of volunteers. The task of this group of nine was to draft new values for Hansel. We organised a poll on values for the whole personnel based on the workgroup’s suggestions.

Following the workgroup’s proposal, the Executive Committee accepted the new values in October. The work did not stop there, as the values are continuously kept on display. In November, we made public value promises, and in December, we created an internal “Arvokkaat ajatukset” (valuable thoughts) channel that makes gratitude and other positive feedback visible.

Our values are:

An appreciative and inspiring work community

Genuinely excited about our work. The spark of excitement catches on amongst ourselves and our customers and cooperation partners alike.

Motivated experts are our resource. We value and respect one another and our work. Respect is shown in support, attentiveness, and equal treatment. Experience in working together is important to us.

Interest is sparked by meaningful work and shared goals.

Capable and responsible partner

We deepen our versatile expertise continuously and learn from each other. We participate strongly in the development of the procurement industry – we share our talent with our partners.

We promote national and international sustainability goals with long-term commitment. We challenge ourselves as a pathfinder of social responsibility. We support our customers and encourage our suppliers to be responsible.

We act reliably and compliantly. We want to be our customers’ best partner in public procurement.