A good number of tenders

The year 2021 was busy in joint procurement. There were many tendering projects, new dynamic purchasing systems, and small-scale procurement services.

This was also reflected in the number of contracts. This year, we signed nearly 1,200 contracts with our suppliers. Of these, 900 were made for dynamic purchasing systems and suppliers that joined the small-scale procurement service, and nearly 250 with framework agreement suppliers.

The number of suppliers increased significantly in 2021, and at the end of the year, Hansel had 872 suppliers compared with the 624 at the end of the previous year. SMEs’ share of suppliers was 51%, which was 14% of joint procurement sales.

The number of divided joint procurements has stayed the same compared with the previous year. There were 85% divided joint procurements (86%). Separated by product and service group, 36% (38%), by customer group 27% (22%), and by region 2% (3%). The share of dynamic purchasing systems of joint procurement was 20% (23%). The shares were calculated from the realised sales of joint procurement. Because of the pandemic, there is still only a little travel, which reduces the share of divided joint procurement.