The supply of joint procurement expanded

Coronavirus pandemic also affected procurement in 2021. Travel was still rare, and meetings were remote. Some industries still have production issues. There were problems in the availability of components and a shortage of freight containers. This was naturally apparent in our joint procurement, but thanks to strong cooperation with the customers and suppliers, we managed to solve the difficult situations.

The year 2021 was busy for Hansel’s joint procurement. A total of 44 new joint procurement projects were launched for our broad range of customers: 20 framework arrangements and 24 dynamic purchasing systems.

As new joint procurement, our customers in the municipal sector could choose

  • accommodation and meeting services
  • charter flight services
  • car procurement
  • gases and fuels
  • office supplies
  • mobile and multifunction devices
  • car leasing and insurance policies.

Dynamic purchasing systems were also established for

  • cleaning and security services
  • security technology
  • computers
  • consulting services
  • and day-care and school furniture.
“Joint procurement use was facilitated by arranging small competition information events and webinars for customers.”

Modern supply

Hansel reacted quickly to the expansion of compulsory education by opening a competition for a framework arrangement for upper secondary study materials. The new supply was also represented by personnel leasing of social and health care professionals, which was implemented as a dynamic purchasing system. Public procurement pays more attention to data security and protection. Hansel created dynamic purchasing systems for its customers related to expert services of information management and digital security, as well as assessment services of data security’s assessment bodies. We also tested a new dynamic purchasing system for cloud services.

Six new agreements were also added to small-scale procurement:

  • protective equipment
  • communications and marketing services
  • solar power plants
  • internal audit
  • accounts’ audit
  • management and development consulting.

At the end of 2021, Hansel was able to offer 77 framework arrangements and 45 dynamic purchasing systems for its customers. There were 10 small-scale procurement services.

The easiness of using joint procurement was improved by arranging small competition information events and webinars for customers. Hansel also organised a webinar for suppliers on the national procurement strategy and the operation of Procurement Finland.